Discover Alaska with Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean

Experience the awe and wonder of being up close to the fascinating glaciers in Alaska. Cruise to the Hubbard Glacier, as well as Tracy Arm Fjord, where the twin Sawyer Glaciers can be seen. Look out for harbour seals, wolves, bears and other wildlife that inhabit this glacial wonderland. Go beyond, and discover a world like no other. Where awe-inspiring landscapes, colourful sights, flavours and cultures of over 270 destinations not only change your perception - they change your soul.

Every day, every night, you are welcomed on board. Extraordinary destinations. Culinary excellence. Intuitive service. Luxurious accommodations. And stunning design.

Infinity Holidays invites you to experience an Alaska cruise holiday with our April Partner of the Month cruise lines, Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean. Together they offer a range of enriching Alaska cruise holiday options to see the Great Land’s glaciers, wildlife and national parks from the perspective of spectacular ships.

With both roundtrip and one-way Alaska cruises, you can experience stunning views of glaciers, explore beautiful port cities and trek through Alaska's untamed beauty.

Come find yourself in the heart of the wilderness and discover the very best of Alaska with Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises.