National Parks

The USA West Coast is blessed with a number spectacular National Parks. There are many ways you can explore and experience the beauty of nature, from self-drive itineraries to fully-guided tours. Whichever option you choose, you will not be disappointed. The sheer diversity of landscapes will leave you breathless, and for a truly unique experience, stay overnight. There are plenty of accommodation options throughout the parks, ranging from camping facilities to 5 star lodges, to cater for any nature enthusiast. Go hiking, biking, or even horse-riding and get out and experience the USA West Coast’s spectacular National Parks.

USA West Coast National Parks

Yosemite National Park

Alluring in any season, this stunning National Park should definitely be explored over multiple days. Say the night in one of the beautiful hotels and admire the snow falling outside during winter, or take the free shuttle around the park and hike alongside the serene rivers during summer. The fantastic free shuttle bus runs all year round, and the drivers are happy to explain which stop to get off at to explore the different parts of the park. The buses run more frequently in summer to cater for the influx of travellers

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Grand Canyon National Park

There are places you can stay in this park, where the un-fenced edge of the mighty Grand Canyon is literally metres away from your door. At night, stand on the edge and listen to the wind whip around deep in the canyon, over a kilometre below. Or get up early and watch the sun rise and fill the canyon with rejuvenating light. There are many hikes you can do, depending on the time of year, to get up close and personal with this grand beauty. If you’d prefer, many companies offer helicopter tours that allow you to really experience just how enormous the Grand Canyon truly is.

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Yellowstone National Park

To feel like you’re on another planet, all you need to do is set foot in Yellowstone National Park. The unique colours of the geothermal pools make this place look otherworldly. Make sure you catch a glimpse of the Old Faithful geyser erupt, shooting boiling water up to 44 metres into the sky! Yellowstone is the world’s first National Park and caters well to the millions of visitors it receives each year. Drive the grand loop road and stop at the many picnic areas along the way, or get out and explore the thousands of kilometres of walking trails.


Bryce Canyon National Park

Known for its brightly coloured spires and hoodoos, this stunning National Park has nature to thank for its unique landscape, carved by wind and water over millions of years. A plethora of dramatic landscapes will inspire you to get out and explore, with hiking trails to suit everyone, from the family-friendly Rim Trail, to the strenuous Peek-a-boo Loop. Make sure you pack some warm clothes though, as the rim reaches almost 2800 metres above sea level, and snow hangs around until April.


Sequoia National Park

The magical Sequoia National Park is the perfect place for a mountain lodge experience. The prime location of certain lodges and campgrounds allow outdoor enthusiasts to discover the world’s largest living things – Sequoia trees. Surround yourself in a land of giants and enjoy the dramatic landscape; a testament to nature’s beauty and diversity. 


The Infinity Experience

Did You Know?
There aren’t any dinosaur fossils at the Grand Canyon – the rocks here are far older than dinosaurs!