Napa & Sonoma

Well-known as incredible wine regions, these two areas have plenty to offer the budding wine connoisseur with over 1200 wineries between them. The different towns of these regions each have their own unique charm. For a gastronomic experience, head to Yountville in the heart of Napa Valley where you’ll be surrounded by award-winning restaurants. Or in Sonoma, explore the history of the region while enjoying delicious olives and local wines.

Napa & Sonoma Map

Food, Wine & Scenery

With wineries dotted all over the Napa Valley region, a tasting is only around the corner. You can also enjoy a culinary experience on board the Napa Valley Wine Train while marvelling at the incredible scenery out the window. For something a little bit different, why not participate in a cooking class? CIA Taste is a premier culinary institute offering classes, demos, tastings and tours. A perfect day in the Napa Valley might involve taking in the views during a hot air balloon ride, followed by a guided wine and food pairing tour at one of the many Vineyards in the region.


History & Events

Blessed with a large number of wineries, beautiful Sonoma is also an historically significant city. The historic town plaza serves as a remnant of the town’s Mexican colonial past. The very first vineyards were planted by Mexican missionaries after Mexico declared independence from Spain and claimed the area that is now Sonoma Country. Today there are over 750 wineries in Sonoma County, some farmed by 5th generation families as a proud tradition.
Apart from wine, Sonoma is also known for its International Film Festival. Drawing guests from all over the world, the Sonoma Film Festival showcases over 100 films including documentaries and independent films. Local chefs get on board to cook up samples of their best food, and pairing them with delicious wines, of course. Another event not to be missed is the Olive Festival. For over 100 years, Sonoma County has been a top olive-growing area, and have been enjoying this festival for over a decade. Everything from olive agriculture and unique recipes, to the olive oil process is discussed.


The Infinity Experience

Did You Know?
The first vineyards in Sonoma were planted by Mexican missionaries in 1832 and now there are over 750 wineries!