Regional Scotland

Highlands, Islands and Cosmopolitan Cities

Scotland is perhaps best known for its highlands and islands. The Isle of Skye, the largest of the inner Hebrides, and home to abundant wildlife and spectacular scenery, is one of the best places to explore these quintessential Scottish landscapes. Oban on the rugged West Coast, where the highlands plunge into the North Atlantic, also offers a real taste of Scotland

As you explore the wilds of Scotland, you'll also find unique towns and cities, full of history and surprising culture, Sitting on a land bridge between Loch Ness and the North Sea, the picturesque city of Inverness, the 'Gateway to the Highlands', is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe. Aberdeen, a large cosmopolitan city, often referred to as the 'Oil Capital of Europe' due to its proximity to the North Sea oil fields, is also known for outstanding parks, gardens and floral displays, and has been voted 'happiest place in Britain' on numerous occasions. Glasgow, Scotland's largest and most vibrant city, is the financial heart of Scotland. Home to the 'old-firm' football clubs of the Glasgow Rangers and Celtic, Glaswegian's are sports mad, and the city is due to host the Commonwealth Games in 2014.

The southern lowlands are perhaps best known for one thing - golf. You'll find St Andrews (among many world-class golf courses) in the southern county of Fife.

Insiders' Tips

  1. Walking in Glencoe: Once the site of an infamous massacre, this now peaceful valley is perfect for nature lovers and hikers.
  2. St Andrews Castle, Fife: Visit the notorious Bottle Dungeon in the depths of this imposing castle.
  3. The Quiraing and The Cuilin: Regional Scotland has endless supply of dramatic mountainous scenery. The Isle of Skye is no exception, boasting the UK's only alpine range.
  4. There is more to the Moray Firth: From inverness, venture out to visit the world's most northern colony of bottlenose dolphins. the Moray Firth is home to a plethora of marine mammals such as minke whales, grey seals and harbour porpoises.

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