Where Culture and Adventure Mix

Only a short 40-minute flight from Port Vila, Tanna is one of Vanuatu's best-known islands, and is home to an ancient culture that still remains mostly unchanged, and some of the best coral in the South Pacific

Tanna also has one of the world's most accessible volcanoes, Mt Yasur. Relatively stable, there is usually some degree of activity daily, best viewed at dusk. It's believed that Captain Cook discovered Tanna after seeing the glow in the sky from Mt Yasur, it also is sacred to the John Frum cargo cult that still practices its customs and rituals to this day

While in Tanna, a cultural tour to one of Tanna's Kastom Villages is also a must. Tannese villagers have retained much of their original culture, and provide an authentic insight into ni-Vanuatu culture and island lifestyle.

For the adventurous there's plenty on offer, with stunning blue holes, underwater caves, some of the best coral in the South Pacific, and untouched waterfalls. You can also sandboard down the side of a volcano, or explore the island's beautiful landscapes on horseback.

Insiders' Tips

  • Black-Sand-Beaches: Louniel Beach is fascinating with its black powder sand, coconut and pandanus plantations, and striking views of the smoking Mt Yasur volcano.
  • Visit the Volcano: Visit Mt Yasur, one of the world's most accessible, active volcanoes.
  • Tribal Culture: Experience the culture here that hasn't changed in centuries. See black magic still performed by tribes in the highlands, or join in the celebrations of the unique John Frum Cult each Friday.
  • Local Specialties: Try some Kava, known as being the strongest in Vanuatu, at one of the many roadside kava bars dotted around the island.

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