Exclusive Locations on an Unspoilt Island

The Yasawas are renowned worldwide for white sandy beaches and crystal-clear lagoons; they are a group of islands in north-western of Fiji. Approximately 20 resorts are spread throughout the 12 major islands in the group. The Yasawa Island group has 16 islands together along a 90km stretch.

Insiders' Tips

  1. Underwater Activities: Snorkelling and scuba diving are excellent. Snorkel right from the beach or take a diving trip and discover the marine life deep in the ocean.
  2. Take a Boat Ride: Take a ride to the Blue Lagoon Caves, which is approximately 1 hour from Yasawa Island.
  3. Treat Yourself: By staying at the 5 star Yasawa Island Resort & Spa, which has the most splendid beach settings in Fiji.

More Information

For maps, days tours and accommodation options, visit the Yasawa Islands chapter in our online Fiji brochure Click here.

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