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Northern Ireland versus The Republic of Ireland ... what's the difference? Technically, they are different countries, and Northern Ireland is still under British rule.

Because of the lengthy conflict in Northern Ireland, the country has been off the radar of travellers for a number of decades, however has only recently started experiencing the renaissance of its tourism trade. Thankfully Northern Ireland is enjoying the longest period of peace in its history.

The six counties of Northern Ireland contain some of the most unspoilt scenery you could ever hope to find - the granite Mountains of Mourne, the Giant's Causeway and more than 320km of coastline with beaches, hidden coves, and leaf-sheltered lakes.

Poblacht na hÉireann (Republic of Ireland) or simply Éire, is one of the friendliest countries in the world, as well as one of the most beautiful. This lyrical land will captivate you with its warmth, colour and astonishingly diverse cultural landscape. There is no better place on earth to have a craic!

This is a country that has everything a traveller could want: rustic villages, stately homes, delectable traditional cuisine, adventure sports, a rich literary culture, and of course, the breathtaking landscape that gave it the name: the Emerald Isle.

The natural beauty of Ireland is the stuff of legends itself, with shorelines trimmed in golden sands and rocky outcrops, surrounding tranquil lakelands and rural idylls, and the cities are trendy urban centres bursting with history and tradition. With its 40 shades of green and age-old monuments scattered from coast to coast, the magic of Ireland’s landscape, the depth of its history and the graciousness of its people will steal your heart.


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