Saint Lucia

The volcanic island of St Lucia is most famous for its twin peaks – The Pitons, two steep-sided volcanic plugs over the water’s edge near Soufriere. These iconic mountains provide wonderful photo opportunities. If you are feeling energetic, you can climb to the top of Gros Piton comfortably in a day. After your climb, rest your weary muscles at the nearby sulphur springs, one of the main attractions on the island. There is a pool that the natural hot water runs through, perfect for a soothing soak. After you leave the hot springs, you can quite easily reach the crater of the St Lucia Volcano; in fact, locals describe it as a ‘drive-in volcano’. 
A rich culture is reflected in the island’s quaint fishing villages and traditional cuisine and events. Castries is the main traveller hub on St Lucia. While not as well-known for its music and party scene as Jamaica or Barbados, St Lucian's still like to gather for weekly parties and festivals, often for little or no reason. These mini street festivals are usually full of music, dancing and food and are a great place to sample a range of local sea food, barbecued meats, salads and the local rum punch. 

Secluded & Upmarket

St Lucia specialises in secluded, high-end accommodation. The destination is perfect for couples on their honeymoon or just a romantic getaway, but there is plenty for families too.


North or South

The north of the island holds the capital Castries and also has the only resort. The north side of the island is bustling with restaurants and bars and has the best beaches. The south of the island is tranquil and has the best natural sights to enjoy including the Pitons. The beaches in the south are darker in colour due to the volcanic soil. It's worth considering staying in each of the sides to get a taste of both.



Soufriere is a town of just over 7000. This quaint town was the original capital of the island and is home to a "drive-in volcano"...Daimond falls is also near the town and there are a couple of rainforests to explore.


The Infinity Experience

Nobel Central
Despite a population of only 176,000, Saint Lucians have won two Nobel Prizes: Arthur Lewis (economics) and Derek Walcott (literature).