Yukon & Northwest Territories

Welcome to Canada’s Yukon and Northwest Territories! 

Located in the upper western corner of Canada, above British Columbia and east of Alaska, and world-famous for its pristine wilderness, wildlife and incredible outdoor adventure, the Yukon is approximately twice the size of Victoria, Australia, but with fewer than 37,000 residents. From the endless Midnight Sun in summer to the amazing Northern Lights in autumn and winter, the Yukon captivates the adventurous spirit in each of us.

Canada's Northwest Territories borders Yukon, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Nunavut, and covers a remarkable area of 1,140,836 square kilometers, with less than 44,000 inhabitants.  

Map of Canada, highlighting Yukon and Northern Territories


First Nations people have lived in the Yukon for millennia, and the well-known Klondike Gold Rush of 1898 brought thousands of travellers to this territory over a century ago. Today, the Yukon shows off its history, culture and incredible landscapes to visitors from around the globe.

Enjoy Yukon’s beautiful lakes, rivers and stunning mountain scenery. Hike, paddle or mountain bike in summer, and dogsled, ski, snowmobile or snowshoe in winter. Hire a campervan and experience the beauty of the open road. Rejuvenate your body and soul as you breathe pure air and appreciate the unspoiled wilderness. However you experience it, the Yukon restores your mind and reconnects you with the natural world.

Yukon is a land filled with pristine wilderness, gold rush history, and spectacular natural phenomena. Visitors will enjoy an unforgettable Yukon experience thanks to Yukon’s wide range of landscapes and attractions.

The Northern Lights can be seen from late August until early April. Watching these majestic green waves dance across the sky is truly an unforgettable experience. Aurora viewing package tours are available, whether from Whitehorse-based hotels or from cozy cabins and lodges further afield.

During the day, enjoy local arts, shops, cafes and cultural events in Whitehorse, or relax in your own cabin in the Yukon wilderness…such peace and quiet is rare, even in Canada!

In August and September, the Yukon’s brilliant autumn foliage offers a stunning contrast to the Aurora at night. In winter months, activities like dog sledding, snowshoeing, skiing and ice fishing provide a true Canadian experience to go along with watching for Aurora after dark.


Hikers spotting for wildlife
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Northwest Territories

From spectacular waterfalls in the South Slave region to one of the world’s most northerly navigable rivers in the High Arctic, the Northwest Territories and its incredible attractions welcome thousands of visitors each year.

Cast a line into the clean, clear waters of the lakes and rivers. Reel in a northern pike, lake trout or arctic grayling and cook it over an open fire. Eat traditional northern country foods at a feast in one of the 33 communities. Buy fish and locally grown fresh produce at one of the weekly community markets in Hay River, Yellowknife or Inuvik.

Stop your vehicle to let a herd of bison cross the road. Spot a bear lunching on wild berries. Watch nesting white pelicans surf the waves in the Slave River’s rapids. Look for dall’s sheep and mountain goats in the Mackenzie Mountains. Paddle your canoe along a river that has been travelled by Aboriginal people for millennia.

Feel the beat of Inuvialuit drum dancers in the Western Arctic. Let an artist from the Dehcho region teach you how to make birch bark baskets or moosehair tuftings during a workshop at an arts festival. Learn the finer points of Dene hand games in Yellowknife. Hear the roar of Alexandra Falls as a Dene artist in the South Slave Region tells you about his ancestors’ connection to the land.

Enjoy creating your own stories in this special place.

Couple canoeing down a Northwest Territory river.
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The Infinity Experience

Untouched Landscapes
Close to 80% of Yukon remains pristine wilderness, including Kluane National Park and Tombstone Territorial Park.