Located in the heart of Canada, from its rugged ocean coastline and lush boreal forest in the North to its subtle prairies in the South, Manitoba’s untouched natural beauty and urban elegance will leave you captivated. Make friends with the majestic polar bear and take in the vibrant culture of the capital city, Winnipeg, paddle alongside curious beluga whales, or fly-in to one of the remote lakes for a fishing adventure like no other and discover the hospitality and friendliness of the people during the holiday of a lifetime.

Map of Canada, highlighting Manitoba


Modern art galleries and rustic historic sites, chic shops and farmers’ markets, nightlife and wildlife – Winnipeg is a city of diverse charms. Catch a ballet, meet a bison on his home turf, take in a sporting event or outdoor spa oasis, and join the fun at one of the city’s vibrant cultural celebrations and festivals. Welcome to the city full of major surprises. From the mysterious and enlightening, to the delicious and unexpected, Winnipeg gets more compelling the deeper you explore it.

Winnipeg at night, with a fireworks display


Near the ocean coastline of the North, flanked by wind-swept tundra, it’s the promise of polar bears, beluga whales, and awesome northern lights that will bring you to Churchill. On a summer safari, kayak or snorkel with a pod of belugas; walk with polar bears and feel your heart race as one peeks up from behind a rock along the Hudson Bay coastline. Once the snow flies, tuck into lodgings isolated on the tundra, the only experience in the world that allows you to safely sleep, dine, and bond with the majestic polar bear mere feet away.

Photographers in winter gear standing on the snow, was two bright-green Aurora Borealis lines across the sky
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Top Attractions

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights - Winnipeg

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights invites visitors to follow an inspiring path of discovery that ultimately leads to the 23-storey Tower of Hope. The museum houses 47,000 square feet of exhibit space dedicated to stories of human rights champions, struggles and past and future achievements, with a restaurant and public spaces that invite contemplation and discussion. 


The Journey to Churchill exhibit - Winnipeg

The Journey to Churchill exhibit at Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winnipeg is a North American zoo first: it offers unrivalled insight into Arctic species, the fragile ecosystem and climate change. Gaze through an underwater tunnel into two icy pools to see polar bears frolic beside ringed seals. Visitors can also view wolves, Arctic fox, muskoxen and snowy owls in the 10-acre exhibit’s three biodiverse zones. 


The Forks - Winnipeg

Winnipeg’s most popular gathering place for shopping, dining and year-round fun and adventure. Located downtown at the junction of the Red and Assiniboine rivers, people have been making history here for thousands of years. Home to river trails, specialty shops, the Manitoba Children’s Museum and the Plaza at the Forks, one of Canada’s best skate parks.


Riding Mountain National Park - South Manitoba

The park is a haven for outdoor wilderness experiences and wildlife viewing – including a herd of bison living in the park. A network of day-use and overnight trails are designed for hiking, cycling or horseback riding. Enjoy swimming, boating and fishing on the spring-fed Clear Lake or venture into the Wasagaming Townsite for golf, tennis, shops and restaurants.

The Infinity Experience

De-code Winnipeg
Winnipeg's has its own Da Vinci Code, located at a historic landmark where mystic messages and Masonic symbols were hidden in plain sight for an entire century!