If you're seeking culture, comfort, nature and inspiration, set your sights on Ubud, a picturesque and charming village set in the cool mountains of southern central Bali.

Ubud represents everything that attracts people to Bali in the first place: it is set in a lush environment of scenic rice fields, plunging valleys, small and charming villages, art and craft communities, ancient temples, palaces, rivers and unique accommodation options. 

Ubud is also a cool respite from the lower lying parts of Bali, its mountain location offering temperatures that make a long day's shopping much more pleasant.

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Get Creative

Ubud is Bali's centre for arts and crafts, and there are hundreds of small outlets in the town and surrounding villages where you can purchase anything from handcrafted textiles and jewellery to large pieces of carved furniture.

A steady pilgrimage of artistic talent to Ubud since the 1920s has come to define the region as a place to which artists and performers from all over the world come to be entertained and inspired. Now it's your turn to discover Bali's history, culture, inspiration and aspirations, leaving with a head full of new ideas.

Silver Smith in Ubud


For dining, Ubud is hard to beat, with some of Bali's most beautiful restaurants at its heart. Some of our favourites are;

  • Bridges:  Save this restaurant for a special evening on your holiday. Along the river’s edge you will find one of Bail’s hot spots for dinner, with a beautiful French menu that will take your taste buds to a new level. Make sure you try to book the waterfall seat!
  • Casa Luna: This restaurant offers a selection of Balinese and Mediterranean dishes, and is renowned for their mouth-watering food and excellent cooking schools.
  • Swept Away at The Samaya Ubud: Only a stone’s throw from the river’s edge, spend a relaxed afternoon enjoying Asian tapas, or experience the evening as it morphs into an enchanting romantic playground, with sensual foods, fine wines and cocktails.
  • Sweet Orange Warung: Only a 15-minute walk from the centre of Ubud you will find this hidden gem within the rice fields, serving only the freshest ingredients with a delicious menu.
Bridges Restaurant Ubud
Bridges Restaurant Ubud

Get Back to Nature

Ubud offers nature enthusiasts an endless amount of opportunities to explore and adventure through the wilderness, with hikes and trekking, white water rafting, wild animals, the Monkey Forest, and temples surrounded by gardens and rainforests.


Tropical Trekking Ubud
Tropical Trekking Ubud

The Infinity Experience

Love in Ubud
After Eating in Italy, and Praying in India, Elizabeth Gilbert's novel (and later feature film starring Julia Roberts), Eat Pray Love, was set predominantly in Ubud.