Flores & The Komodo Islands

Explore the extraordinary, and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of these pristine and charming islands. Featuring one of the world’s greatest dive sites, white sandy beaches and the majestic Komodo dragon, there’s no better reason to go further afield!


While Bali bursts with bogans at its high season seams, another island sits quietly nearby. Flores is a world away from the bustle of Bali, yet it takes just 90 minutes to get here and it’s for people looking for a different sort of holiday. Outside of Labuan Bajo, the gateway to Komodo National Park, you’ll be lucky to find much in the way of night-life. You will find deserted white-sand beaches though, as well as curious locals, surreal volcanic lakes and beautiful sunsets.

Flores sees a tiny fraction of the number of tourists that Bali does, which makes it an exciting and sometimes uncomfortable place to travel. If you’re sick of the crowds and are looking for an adventure it makes for a great alternative to Bali and Lombok.

Here, you can swim in pristine lakes and waterfalls, dive at one of the 50 spectacular dive sites, go kayaking among craggy coasts and mangrove shores, explore mysterious caves and be warmly welcomed by the island’s people in their rituals, dances and daily life.

Flores spells adventure, diving, eco-tours, and mountain climbing interspersed with visits to prehistoric heritage sites, traditional villages and cultural events. Find some of the world’s most exotic underwater life, dive in the pristine seas of Komodo, or swim along with huge manta rays, dolphins and dugongs in the island of Flores!

Flores Island
Flores Island

Komodo Island

Komodo island, part of the Lesser Sunda chain of Indonesian islands, is the rugged habitat of the 3m-long Komodo dragon monitor lizard. Komodo National Park covers the entire region and is home to more than 4,000 dragons, and is made up of rusty-red volcanic hills, savannah and forests. Its surrounding waters of seagrass beds, mangrove shrublands and coral reefs are famous for diving.

Komodo’s marine life includes more than 1,000 species of fish, plus manta rays, whales and sea turtles. It can be seen from scuba-diving locations like Batu Bolong, on the north coast, which has a steep sea wall descending some 75m to a seabed. Another dive site is off Pink Beach, whose colored sands result mainly from microscopic amoebas with red shells. Loh Liang, on the eastern coast, is one of Komodo’s few settlements. Visitors can book hiking treks there, as the island has no roads or cars.

Pink Beach
Wanua Adventure

Eat & Drink

There is a side of Flores & The Komodo Islands that should receive more spotlight: its culinary treats. The islands have various scrumptious traditional food, snacks, as well as delicious drinks that will complete your total adventure.

  1. cafe.in.hit Coffee Shop – Labuan Bajo, Flores
    This place is the spot for the perfect cup of joe to start your day. They specialise in Flores’ coffee, blended with Sumatran beans, and pride themselves on their friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere.
  2. La Cucina – Labuan Bajo, Flores
    With an Italian menu and harbour views from the patio, this cosy restaurant serves pizza, pasta and sandwiches, as well as a tasty breakfast.
  3. Komodo Dragon Beach Bar – Sebayur Besar Island
    Located at the Komodo Resort & Diving Club on Sebayur Besar Island, this beach bar is located right on the shore, so you can squish your toes into the sand, while enjoying the sunset with a wine in hand.
  4. Paradise Bar – Labuan Bajo, Flores
    Enjoy perfect views of the spectacular sunsets from the expansive deck of this bar. There’s ice-cold beers and live music – what more could you want?
Paradise Bar – Labuan Bajo, Flores
Paradise Bar

The Infinity Experience

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Pretty in pink
Komodo Island has a beach with pink sand, one of only seven in the world. This exceptional beach gets its striking color from microscopic animals called Foraminifera, which produce a red pigment on the coral reefs.