A Fascinating Blend of Ancient and Modern

Seoul is a vibrant and modern city with an ancient history. A bustling metropolis with over ten million residents, Seoul's landscape is dotted with links to its past, including the original city gate and sections of the 16-kilometre city wall, plus four UNESCO World Heritage-listed sites.

Seoul is a city filled with stark contrasts and contradictions, with a fascinating blend of ancient traditions and cutting-edge digital technology. Immerse yourself in the Korean culture with a visit to a traditional Korean Folk Village. Or take a tour to the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) and Panmunjom Village, where the armistice that ended the Korean War was signed. Eating is a national pastime; sample the local cuisine, including the famous Korean barbecue, always served with a huge array of complimentary side dishes.

Seoul is a place where your shopping dollar goes further. Explore the 600-year-old Dongdaemun markets, with over 1000 stalls selling everything from clothes and shoes to ginseng product.

Insiders' Tips

  • Feast at a Korean Barbecue: Be sure to enjoy some of the local favourites at a Korean barbecue.
  • Hike Up Bugaksan: Take a hike up the ancient fortress walls, to be treated to commanding panoramic views of the entire city
  • Gain some Insight: Visit the War Memorial of Korea to learn about the troubled history of this fascinating country, especially its relationships with its near neighbours

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