A Fusion of Cultures

Macau, which was under Portuguese rule until 1999, is the perfect extension to your Hong Kong holiday itinerary. Visit on a day trip or, better still, spend a few days exploring the heritage, cuisine and attractions of this beautiful city.

Small and densely populated, Macau offers a wide variety of outdoor attractions. Enjoy a barbecue on Hac Sa Beach, with views of the South China Sea. Or wander through the town’s stunning gardens, take to hiking trails and visit tranquil temples. Ride the world’s shortest cable car: from street level to the top of the Guia Lighthouse takes a whopping 80 seconds! Do a tour of some of Macau’s heritage and cultural highlights, including the Kun Iam Temple, Barrier Gate and Penha Hill.

The city also boasts a dazzling nightlife, elegant bars, casinos and amusing local pubs where you can dance the night away to a local band. Lovers of fine food flock to restaurants, serving up a delightful combination of Portuguese, Indian, Malay and Chinese.

Insiders' Tips

  • Visit the iconic St Paul’s ruins. See the remaining front facade and the grand stone stairs of Macau’s greatest church.
  • Visit the Barrier Gate, the gate that marks the border between Macau and mainland China.
  • Stop by the Kun Iam Temple, a temple dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy, where buildings date from 1627.
  • Enjoy a Macanese tart - try one of these delicious, traditional warm egg-custard treats.

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