Regional China

Intriguing Natural Marvels

Regional China is a mix of natural beauty, rare historical treasures and bustling cities. Don’t miss Guilin with its bizarre shaped hills, unique caves and idyllic waterways; or Guangzhou, an ancient dynastic capital considered the South Gate of China. Often referred to as the eternal city, Xi’an is the capital of 13 great dynasties, the home of the Terracotta Warriors, as well as the Big Wild Goose Pagoda and Banpo Museum, and is the starting point to the famous Ancient Silk Road.

Long before China became a country of frenetic, modern metropolises, there existed a world of emperors and courtesans, cultural invention, and artistic sophistication. With Xi’an (or Chang’an as it was then known) at its heart, this poetic land was the epicentre of ancient China, and the birthplace of its unique and enduring culture.

While it is no longer the hub of China’s political and economic intrigues, regional China still maintains its allure as a destination of fascinating history and haunting natural beauty. From the incredible carved Terracotta Warriors and Wild Goose Pagoda to the ancient tombs of the Tang Dynasty emperors, and the bewitching landscape of the Yangtze River and its traditional fishing villages, this region is burgeoning with sights and experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime.

No visit to China is complete without a sojourn in the city of Guangzhou. The home of traditional Cantonese cooking, and boasting the largest number of restaurants per capita in China, food-lovers will never go unsatisfied.

Insiders' Tips

  • Visit the Muslim Quarter in Xi'an and see the Islamic influences throughout the city.
  • Take in some of the most spectacular scenery in China on the Li River.
  • Explore the countryside of Guilin by bike
  • Visit the resting places of China’s Tang Dynasty emperors in Xi’an.

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