Agent Tools & Info - Greece - Rhodes


Main Town: Rhodes Town
Port: near Old Town; 2 km from New Town
Airport: 17 km from Rhodes Town

Known for a rich historical past, a medieval castle, amazing views and clean beaches. The Colossus of Rhodes (33m high statue & one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World) was erected in the harbour in 280 BC.

Ideal Customer:
Couples, families, singles. Loads of history, and great for those wanting good nightlife.

Getting There:
From Piraeus:
Ferry - 18 hours (overnight)
Hydrofoil - N/A
Air - 1 hour (always try to recommend flying over an 18hr ferry)

From Marmaris (Turkey):
Ferry/hydrofoil: 1hr

Beaches (from Rhodes Town):
Elli (walking distance from town centre, family-friendly, in town)
Kallithea (famous for its hot springs, 8km)
Ladiko (small cove, gets crowded, 20km)
Faliraki (most popular, great nightlife with all-night bars/clubs, 16km)

Where to Stay:

  • Most of the hotels are in the northern part of the island, and are in town or at the various beaches
  • Lindos is also a lovely choice, with picturesque architecture and amazing beaches to relax

Insider's Tips

  1. Lindos – a traditional village, inhabited for more than 3000 years. Partly restored by the Knights. Is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The acropolis here sits on a rocky hill 116m above sea level and has a number of ancient ruins
  2. The fortified medieval town is a UNESCO World Heritage Monument and is the largest inhabited medieval town in Europe
  3. Palace of the Grand Master – one of the best-preserved castles in the Mediterranean, constructed by the Knights of St John, dates from the 14th century
  4. Stop at a flower-draped terrace for coffee and a delicious pastry
  5. Has plenty to offer in terms of history
  6. Famous for fresh seafood and desserts made with cereals, olive oil, nuts, fruits and honey

Rhodes Map