Agent Tools & Info - Greece - Mykonos


Main Town: Chora (or Mykonos Town)
Port: 2km from Chora
Airport: 4km from Chora

Known for amazing beaches, picturesque villages, vivid nightlife, gay-friendly attitude. Has great shops, bars, clubs and restaurants.

Getting There From Piraeus:
Ferry - 6 hours
Hydrofoil - 3.5 hours
Air - 35-40 minutes

Beaches (from Fira):
Paradise (nude beach, beach parties, 6km)
Super Paradise (most popular, 7km)
Platis Yialos (family-friendly, 5km)
Agios Ioannis (one of the most beautiful, 5km)

Ideal Customer:
All groups, those wanting to party. Those wanting to have the quintessential Greek Island experience – swim, sun, dance, party & shop

Where to Stay:

  • The western side of Mykonos is the most popular and convenient, with the majority of hotels found in town and walking distance from the town centre
  • If you want to be close to the beach, then the most popular beaches to stay are Paradise, Super Paradise, Agios Ioannis and Platis Yialos
  • For families, try Platis Yialos first

Insider's Tips

  1. Staying in town can be busy, particularly in peak season. For a quieter, more traditional Greek Island experience, stay at one of the beaches.
  2. Most beaches offer buses into town
  3. The traditional windmills on the hill in Chora – very insta-worthy!
  4. Little Venice is the most picturesque quarter of Chora – the brightly coloured houses sit right on the waterfront. Great photo opportunities here!
  5. Take a tour to Delos – a tiny island reached by boat from the port. Delos was a sacred island for the ancient Greeks as, according to the mythology, the god Apollo had been born there. Has a number of ruins. Overnight stays not allowed.
  6. Recommend a transfer – taxis are extremely unreliable (can take up to 2 hours to arrive!), and from the airport will charge EUR15-20 for a quick ride into town

Mykonos Map