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Key Travel Periods - Mainly July, some Aug & early Sept NB - Greek Islands pretty much close down mid-late Sept, which includes restaurants and hotels. Things get going again in April.

Key Booking Period - Jan/Feb & Sept/Oct

Avg Lenght of Stay - 3-4 nights in Athens, 2-3 in the islands

Average Lead Time for Bookings - 130-170 days


Time Zone - 8 hours behind AEST. Daylight Savings is observed end of March-end of October

Currency - Euro (EUR)

Visa Requirements - not required for stays less than 90 days. You may have problems entering Greece if you were born in Greece at a place no longer recognised by Greece. You may also have problems if you're entering Greece from the Republic of North Macedonia. Australian officials won't be able to help.

Weather - The best time to visit Greece is mid-April to mid-June, or late-Aug/very early Sept. July and August are also perfect times to go, however it is high season, and tourists, as well as prices, go through the roof, and the temperatures can soar to 40-degrees. Once you hit mid/end-Sept through to March, hotels, restaurants and bars shut down on the islands. And don't be fooled, it gets cold there. The weather is also unpredictable with rough seas and high winds, which effect ferries and planes, resulting in lots of cancellations.  If it's your client's dream trip, steer clear of this time of year.

Events to Note

Athens: Athens & Epidaurus Festival - June-August; Full Moon Festival - August

Santorini: Santorini Jazz Festival - July; ifestia Festival (Greek Volcano Festival) - August; International Music Festival - September

Mykonos: Mykonos Summer Festival - during the summer months ; Gay Festival - August; Harvest Festival - September

Rhodes: Medieval Festival - late May, early June; Street Food Festival end Aug, early Sept; 

Naxos: Naxos Festival - July-September


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