Agent Tools & Info - Bahamas


Time Zone - Bahamas is 14 hours behind AEST, observes daylight savings (March - November)

Seasons - Tropical Climate
Dry Season (November - April): Dry and warm with cooling trade winds
Wet Season (May - September): Hot and humid with rain and storms typically in the evening
Hurricanes can occur from August to October

Peak Travel Seasons - January, April, June

Key Booking Period - January, February, August

Average Length of Stay - 5 nights

Visa Requirements (Australian Passports) - Visa exempt for a stay of up to 3 months

Events to note - Junkanoo (December), Independence Day (July), Emancipation Day (August)

Key Airlines - American, Delta, United, Jetblue

Top selling properties
Grand Hyatt Baha Mar
Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa
The Royal at Atlantis


The Bahamas are a group of about 700 islands, the majority of which are uninhabited

US Dollars are accepted nearly everywhere, you may receive change in Bahamian Dollars though. The two currencies are on par with each other, you may see the difference in the cash exchange rates. 

Unlike most of the Caribbean, Bahamas drive on the left side of the road

The origin of the swimming pigs is much debated, but if you want to visit them jump on a boat tour that includes Major Cay. Tours from Nassau (the capital city) are relatively expensive however you can stay on nearby Great Exuma where the tours are much cheaper.