Agent Tools & Info - Aruba


Time Zone - Aruba is 14 hours behind AEST, does not observe daylights savings time

Seasons - Tropical Climate
Dry Season (January - September): Dry and warm with cooling trade winds
Wet Season (October - December): Hot and humid, occassional rain showers in January and February

Peak Travel Seasons - January, July, August

Key Booking Period - January, February, October

Average Length of Stay - 5 nights

Visa Requirements (Australian Passports) - Visa exempt for a stay of up to 30 days

Events to note - Carnival (February), National Anthem and Flag Day (March), Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival (October)

Key Airlines - American, Delta, United, Jetblue

Top selling properties
Renaissance Aruba Resort
The Palms
Aruba Marriott Resort


Unlike most tropical destinations, it's safe to drink the tapwater as Aruba gets nearly all of it's water from desalination. Remember to bring a reusable water bottle to be green!

The official currency is the Florin but nearly all vendors accept US Dollars as payment and will give you the choice of which currency you want to pay in