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Different to the pulsing metropolis of Tokyo. Osaka is laid-back and down to earth city only a short Shinkansen (bullet train) ride from Tokyo, offering nightlife, friendly locals and a fantastic food culture that has given it the reputation as "Japan's Kitchen". Osaka also has a rich history. the highlight being Osaka Castle and it's beautiful grounds adorned with hundreds of cherry blossoms during sakura season.

Peak Travel Seaon - April

Key Booking Period - January - February

Average Length of Stay - 3 Days

Getting Around -

Osaka has 2 major city centres Kita (North) around Osaka/Umeda Station and Minami (South) around Namba Station. The shinkansen trains stop at Shin-Osaka station. The city is served by over seven different railway and subway companies. Most relevant to foreign visitors are the lines operated by JR West the most prominent line being the Osaka Loop Line and the subway lines, the city has eight subway lines that cover the area inside the Osaka Loop Line.


Osaka has 2 Major city centres; Kita and Minami

Kita - The northern area around Osaka & Umeda Station, Osaka's busiest transportation hub & it's business district. The area has an abundance of shopping,dining,hotels and several department stores, plus a network of underground shopping malls.

  • Kitashinchi - South of Osaka Station it is an alternate district to the modern and newlt developed area around Osaka Station, with hundreds of restaurants, bars and nightclubs
  • Nakazakicho - East of Osaka Station this district is a warren of narrow streeets and alleys lined with cool cafes and used clothes stores, great for exploring in a relaxed enviroment out of the hustle of the more commecial areas of Kita.

Top Selling Hotels -

ANA Crowne Plaza Osaka (P) - South of Osaka Station by the river in the Kitashinchi District, the hotel features 9 bars and restaurants, fitness centre with indoor pool and sauna, day spa, beauty salon & specialist bakery. 

Minami - The southern area of Osaka around Namba station is Osaka's most famous entertainment district with lot's of dining and shopping options

  • Dotonbori - Osaka's most popular tourist destination, by night it's lit up by hundreds of neon lights, mechanised crabs, giant octopi and the famous Gilco Running Man
  • Shinsaibashi - Osaka's premiere shopping area, which includes the Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade, a 600 metre long centre filled with  retail chain stores, boutiques and and fashion labels
  • Amerikamura - The Harajuku of Osaka, great for cutting edge fashion & culture, populated with cafes, clothing stores and thrift shops.
  • Nipponbashi - An electronics district with numerous manga and anime retailers as well as cosplay cafes, similar to Tokyo's Akihabara.

Top Selling Hotels

Ibis Styles Osaka (V) - Located in Dotonbori, close to Namba Station and easy walking distance to all of the major sights. With clean simple modern styling, fantastic location and great value pricing, it is our No.1 selling property in Osaka.

Holiday Inn Osaka Namba (P) - In the heart of Dotonburi making it an ideal location for walking to Shinsaibashi and Namba Station. With large rooms, featuring 39 sq mtr quad rooms ideal for families.

Insider Tip

"Kuidaore" ("eat until you drop") is used to describe the food culture of Osaka. Locals have high expectations towards the quality of their cuisine, and restaurants have to maintain high standards. The best place to experience Osaka's food culture is the neon-laden Dotonbori district and try takoyaki a snack made of octopus, ginger and green onions mixed into a batter and fried into bite-sized balls, said to have been invented in Dotonbori