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From giant modern metropolises with neon lights, tropical islands in the south, snow capped mountains in the north and traditional culture throughout the country, Japan is a place where ancient tradition is fused with modern life offering a unique experience.



Time Zone - GMT + 9 Hrs / Syd - 1 Hr / No Daylight Savings

Weather Seasons - Spring, March - May (Cherry Blossom season "sakura"); Summer, June - August rainy season with hot and humid daytime temperatures; Typhoon season August - September; Autumn, September, October - November dry and mild; Winter December - February. Temperatures can vary between northern andsouthern Japan due to altitude and lattitude e.g the northern end of Japan sees the country’s coldest temperatures, with January averaging -1C in Sapporo. Cities in Japan’s south can still enjoy mild temperatures averaging around 19C during the day.

Currency - Japenese Yen (JPY)

Key Booking Period -  February & August  

Avg Length of Stay - 7 days

Visa Requirements - Australian citizens travelling to Japan are not required to obtain a visa to enter Japan if the trip is for less than 90 days and when the visit is for tourism, a business trip, a conferences, to see relatives and friends, etc. However, when foreign nationals, including Australians, engage in paid activities in Japan a visa is required regardless of the length of stay.

Public Holidays to note -  New Year's Day; Coming of Age Day (2nd Monday of January); National Foundation Day 11 Feb; Showa Day, April; Constitution Memorial Day 03 May; Greenery Day & Children's Day, May; Marine Day, July; Mountain Day, August; Respect for the Aged Day & Autumnal Equinox Day, September; Health-Sports Day, October; Culture Day & Labour Thanks Giving Day, November

Events to note - Cherry Blossom Viewing (Sakura) Late March - April; Rugby World Cup 20 Sept - 02 Nov 2019; Summer Olympics 24 Jul - 09 Aug 2020

Matsuri (Japanese Festivals) - Sapporo Snow Festival (Early February); Yokote Kamakura Festival 15-16 February (Akita); Omizutori 01-14 March (Nara); Takayama Matsuri 14-15 April & 9-10 October; Aoi Matsuri 15 May (Kyoto); Kanda & Sanja Matsuri, May (Tokyo); Hakata Gion Yamakasa 01-15 July (Fukuoka); Gion Matsuri, July (Kyoto); Tenjin Matsuri 25 July (Osaka); Nebuta Matsuri 2-7 August (Aomori); Kanto Matsuri 3-6 August (Akita); Awa Odori 12-15 August (Tokushima); Nagasaki Kunchi 07-09 October; Jidai Matsuri 22 October (Kyoto); Chichibu Yomatsuri 2-3 December

Key Airlines - Qantas (QF), Jetstar (JQ), Singapore Airlines (SQ), Cathay Pacific (CX)


Cash - many shops and eateries only accept cash. Topping up pre-paid travel cards will also need to be paid by cash. If travelling outside of the major cities, cash will be needed. In Tokyo the credit on your pre-paid card can be used in a small number of convenience stores to pay for your purchases. ATMs are easy to find and use throughout Japan