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Everything you need to know to sell Infinity Blue Fares


What Is A Blue Fare?

Blue Fares are Infinity's range of exclusive wholesale airfares, on both legacy and low-cost airlines, that can be combined with any land and sea product booked through Infinity.

Infinity have Blue Fare offers with 30+ airline partners to key regions such as Australia, New Zealand, Asia, UK/Europe and the Americas.

Blue Fares are able to be searched by retail agents directly through Sabre and select carriers can be viewed and booked via i-build.

Why Sell A Blue Fare?

  • Extra commission for agents - You can earn more money by selling a Blue Fare in comparison to a standard retail airfare 
  • Great value for the customers - Blue Fares offer a competitive position against standard retail airfares
  • Blue Fares offer a longer ticketing time limit over a standard retail airfare
  • Blue Fares count towards both Infinity & FCTG retail incentives
  • Blue Fares ticketed through Infinity have a lower ticketing fee
  • Blue Fares and retail fares have the equivalent booking classes on most fares ... same same but different

How To Find Blue Fares in Sabre?

VA QF EK SQ QR EY CX NZ TG HA AC MH FJ MK GA VN AA AY DL NF SA - These airlines have Blue Fares available for search and hold in Sabre via Air Shopping!

Click here for the process!

Blue Fares must be booked in conjunction with minimum spend requirements & ticketed via Infinity Holidays

3rd Party Suppliers & Blue Fares

If you have booked land product with a preffered 3rd party supplier, you can still book a Blue Fare and take advantage of all the benefits that Blue Fares offer. 

Contact your Infinity consultant with your Sabre PNR and a valid Qucikdox or booking number of your land components and Infinity will take care of the rest.

Infinity Cruise & Blue Fares

Infinity Cruise have a great range of Blue Cruise Airfares on NZ EK HA QR and more