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Intrepid Travel know adventure travel from the inside out and specialise in small group, authentic trips which means that your customer will eat, sleep and do as the locals do! Intrepid have over 800 trips in three different styles across every continent, utilising local guides who are born and bred in destination and are committed to responsible travel. Intrepid get a kick out of bringing together small groups for very big adventures.

Why Travel with Intrepid?

Real Life Experiences – Intrepid believe that the magic well and truly happens, off the beaten path. From hidden noodle bars to backstreet bodegas, travelling with Intrepid means that you will truly do as the locals do!

Connections – You’ll forge life-long friendships, long after your tan has faded and you’ll be united with people from all walks of life.

Balanced Travel – Intrepids trips are built with balance in mind, a little group time here, a little you time there. When you travel with Intrepid, you’ll also experience small group touring with an average trip size of just 10 people.

Responsible Travel - Since their conception, Intrepid Travel has taken responsible travel to heart by investing in local communities, human rights initiatives, wildlife conservation projects and the environment. Intrepid are all about providing travellers will real life experiences whilst incorporating principles of sustainable tourism. 

Adventure For Everyone - Age, pillow prefernce and budget don't matter when travelling with Intrepid, all that matters is where you would like to go. Intrepid have 3 different styles ranging from Basix for travellers on a budget where things are kept simple to make way for amazing experiences. One step up from that is Original which is the style Intrepid built its reputation from and have the perfect mix of included acitivites and free time to explore on your own. Lastly Intrepid have created Comfort which smooths away some of the adventure travels rougher edges to create a travel style with an added degree of comfort. 

Travel with a Local Leader - Intrepid believe that the best people to show you around a destination are those that live there which is why they work exclusively with local leaders. Intrepid's local leaders are more than just a guide, they are your key to exploring the destination and mingling with the people. 

So whatever your travel goals and whatever your travel style, Intrepid will have you covered no matter where in the world you want to go. 

Images from Intrepid Trips

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